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Most people, including myself, has a first reaction of "yuk!" to the thought of cloth pads. However, I soon found these to be such a cleaner way of dealing with menstration. I made the switch very quickly and went on a mission of creating what I couldn't find at a reasonable price: a pretty pad that was not very expensive and would be cusomizable to meet any menstrual or postpartum needs. AND easy and hands off to deal with.

I have had everyone from the lightest to the absolute heaviest possible flow-ers try out my pads and they ALL love them! Even the ones who didn't think they would!

When I did the research and experimentation, I found that each of the long #3 would absorb (if TOTALLY soaked) the amount that an average woman would flow in her entire cycle -that should give you an idea of how well they work! They also provide a good solution for light stress incontinence. Adult pads are great for average to heavy flow-ers, but those who either prefer a smaller pad or have a lighter flow should consider using the adult panty or junior sizes.

My goal is to provide you with a product that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations in performance… Please feel free to contact me with any custom requests or alterations.. If it's minor, you will not be charged. I am very flexible and greatly appreciate feedback.

Thank you for your support of our products and the environment. I consider it an honor to sew these Marvelous Unmentionables for women while being home with my children!

Pricing - 10% Discount for Orders Over $50!

Size Absorbency 0 1 2 3
10X6.75 Adult Regular   $6.00 $6.50 $7.00
11.5X6.75 Adult Long   $7.00 $7.50 $8.00
8X6.5 Adult Pantyliner $4.00 $5.00 $5.50
1.75X7 Adult Regular Swimliner $4.00 $5.00 $5.50
13.5X8.25 Postpartum/Huge (6"w back, 4"w front)   $10.00 $11.00
Pack Adult Starter Pack#   $36.00
5.75X9.5 Junior Medium   $6.00 $6.50 $7.00
10X6 Junior Large   $6.00 $6.50 $7.00
7.5X5.5 Junior Pantyliner $4.00 $5.00 $5.50
  Junior Swimliner $4.00 $5.00 $5.50
Jpack Junior Starter Pack (med/large)##   $34.00
  Wet Bag     $4.00

Custom orders/patterns $4 (including custom lengths and widths), but check with me to see if there is an additional charge (there may not be if I already have a pattern).

Width of pads after being snapped are 2.25" for the Adult Reg. and Long and the Junior Lg. and 2" on the Junior M and the Pantyliners.

* Absorbancy #1 is 3 layers very absorbant flannel and one of a waterproof backing; #2 adds 1 layer of mega absorbing microfiber; #3 adds 2 layers of this and I can even add a 3rd layer for #4 but, this stuff absorbs 7 times it's weight. Pantyliner is 4 layers of the flannel, and the swimliner is 2 layers of the flannel and 1 layer of the microfiber for nonslip
** 0 absorbancy is a liner with no waterproof backing and works well for heavy discharge, very light flow or after intercourse.
# Adult starter pack comes with a reg 1, reg 2, two long 2's, a pantyliner, swim liner and wet bag (bag you can put your used one in if out of the house)
## Junior Starter Pack you pick med or lg. and comes with two ea. of absorbancies 1 and 2, pantyliner, swimliner and wet bag
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