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Care Instructions
Caring for your pads is much easier and hands off than you would think.

The snaps on each pad or panyliner make it so that you can fold them into themselves and
re-snap them to keep the soiled side in. If you are out of the house, simply do this and place
the soiled piece in your wet bag and replace it with a clean one. Fold the smaller side on the pp pad in first.

As far as washing goes.. Everyone has their own preference. Do what seems best to you.
Some people prefer to use a wet pail (like a large yogurt container) and just dump the whole
contents water and all in the washing machine. Most, however, prefer the dry method either in a pail just without the water or throwing them in the laundry. You can also do a rinse cycle with them before you add any other laundry.

Wash with whatever you prefer, some do it with towels, some with jeans, some with diapers,
some in just whatever load they're doing. It's really not as much on the pad as you might
think (or that the disposibles make it seem like). You can use your regular detergent and periodically I suggest adding 1/2 cup white vinegar to the load.

I also suggest washing with like colors and if you have a dark color, the vinegar will help
prevent any dye from bleeding off the fabric (although I've never had that happen).

THE MORE YOU WASH the more absorbant they become!
All fabric except waterproof backing are prewashed several times to start the absorbing on
it's way and they are dried on High Heat (several times) to make sure any shrinkage has
already happened.

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